St. Louis

I spent a few days in St. Louis this week. Really phenomenal historic buildings there. Here are a few photos.


Something about a bird and a power line

As I mentioned after my last trip to the Outer Banks, I enjoy seeing the above ground power lines connecting the houses. The birds like them too. Here’s one that settled across the way.


I also got a nice picture of my almost five-year-old daughter enjoying a little freedom on the beach this evening. There was an incredible sky, and so many birds were out fishing. I took a bunch of pictures. When I get home I will try to work out how to paint it.


The Silver Line

There’s a lot of construction started in and redevelopment planned for Tysons Corner, VA including the new Metro Silver Line. The tracks and stations run over the middle of Leesburg Pike, and create a break in the view that, at least for the shade it provides in summer, is not unwelcome. As I waited and waited and waited for an 8 second light to let me through on my way home, I snapped this photo. I liked the lines and curves framed by my car window. I was also interested in the utility pole on the ground waiting to be put up. Not that it would do anything about the bad timing on the light. I waited 45 minutes with no way to turn around.


Back from New York


I got back Sunday from a great short trip to New York. My dad was an excellent guide, recounting stories from his childhood up in the Bronx at Gun Hill Road, early life with my mom working at Scholastic and living in Brooklyn, pointing out all the buildings family members worked on as electrical engineers, and educating the other tourists who tried to pretend they weren’t listening to him on the subway. We saw so much, including two shows at MoMA (Bill Brandt and Le Corbusier), and the John Singer Sargent show at the Brooklyn Museum. Seeing those paintings up close in person was remarkable. Well worth a trip. Reproductions don’t even begin to do the work justice. I learned a lot from looking, and will write about it as I continue with my painting.

For now, click here for a Flickr collection of photos I took with my iPhone and edited on the bus ride home.