Some more toned paper sketching

Same tree as earlier but the light changed so there were some shadows across it. This one is on Fabriano Tiziano blue paper, which is quickly becoming my favorite toned paper. Blackwing Pencil and some titanium white watercolor. 

I have a nice little sketching set up with different colored and types of paper clipped in 6×9 collection with a cardboard back and a 5×7 mat. On the back I can tear smaller sheets and clip them with my small watercolor kit. In this case the tiny travel brush shown is perfect to get little white highlights. 


Backyard Drawing

Nice weather today, so while my kids were playing I brought out some pencils and drew this 5×7 study of an interesting tree trunk next to the kids’ playset. I need to do more of this sort of this sort of drawing. Definitely inspired by David Tripp’s tree drawings.  Generic HB, 6B, and a dry ballpoint pen to carve out the white marks.