Big sun on the river

This image is from late last summer when we were having dinner on the water in Annapolis. Just got around to painting it yesterday and today. Lemon yellow mixed with yellow ochre to get the sunlight. The rest is indigo and sepia. The highlights on the posts are white and yellow ochre dry brushed on. I will probably do this again with a different palette to get more subtly of light and color.


Potomac River

There’s a place in the Potomac River not far from my house that’s really peaceful. Not too many people go there. I tried to capture that sense of calm with an earth color palette of Prussian Blue, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, and Yellow Ochre. I think I’d do this a little differently again with the hanging branch left of center. The even split of the picture feels a little jarring. 

More snow, more painting

  I started this earlier today before shoveling. Those lumps behind the street lamp are our cars. They still look like that. I’ve never seen a snow storm like this.  

I painted this on a light blue Fabriano Tiziano pastel paper. The blue comes through a little on the snow. My colors were Prussian blue, Brown Madder, and titanium white. There is a minuscule touch of lemon yellow mixed with those colors to get the light bulb.

I wish I had deviated from reality more and positioned the street lamp a little further left and the tree further right. Anyway, here’s a closeup: