Something about a bird and a power line

As I mentioned after my last trip to the Outer Banks, I enjoy seeing the above ground power lines connecting the houses. The birds like them too. Here’s one that settled across the way.


I also got a nice picture of my almost five-year-old daughter enjoying a little freedom on the beach this evening. There was an incredible sky, and so many birds were out fishing. I took a bunch of pictures. When I get home I will try to work out how to paint it.


Back at the outer banks

There’s nothing like sketching on vacation. I can relax fully and get into the sketch. I am hoping to fit in one a day along with running, Proust, and most importantly hanging with my wife and kids.

Here’s what I did today in my moleskine pocket watercolor notebook, which is also great for pen sketching. This is my favorite sketchbook.

Thanks for reading.