Sky study

This morning my younger daughter and I spent some time painting together. She’s into doing color studies like Turner (she said so!). I thought of doing a sky study while she was working. This is what I came up with to try working exclusively with a 3/4 inch flat (an old grumbacher sabeline my dad gave me). I am getting ready for another trip to Lakeville, MA to visit my aunt and hopefully paint a lot. The skies are really beautiful there. Painting opportunities have been few and far between recently (for good reasons). I need some warmup time before I go. This is from a photo I took while sailing in Annapolis.



Finished country road, thinking of Sargent’s Simplon Pass paintings


I finished this one just now, at least as much as I intend to today. I was thinking of Sargent’s Simplon Pass paintings as I did this. He often chose the ground or a path to occupy most of the work, with a sliver of distance occupying the top. I tried to do the same here while also being pretty loose with the brush. I tried not to overwork it and very the colors in my greens enough (learning from my attempt to paint my golf course view a month ago). I think it came out okay for a pretty quick job. I could have done a lot more to emphasize the tire tracks, but their value was really directional, so the lines and swipes should do. That’s how Sargent would have done it at least.

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Back at it

It’s been awhile–a few other interesting projects going on that I wanted to devote time to–but I am back to painting. I had drawn this scene out a couple months ago of a rural road late in the evening. I like the reflection of the sky in the puddle and along the road. I masked out branches and some grass blades and laid in what I could. I am letting it dry now, and hope to get back at it again today.

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