Riverwalk watercolor 

Tiny sketch of The Riverwalk in Frederick.

I used a small flat brush I converted to a travel brush and the tiny travel brush that comes with Winsor and Newton pocket kits. I always have the intention of using this setup when out, but tiny doesn’t necessarily mean faster. This took about an hour. Still, it was good to see that I can fit a fairly substantial scene in a small book.

For colors I kept it muted with yellow ochre, brown madder, cerulean blue, Prussian blue, sepia, and permanent green olive with a little white mixed in at the end for the lilly pads. 

Here’s a close up. Thanks for reading.

Frederick, MD Riverwalk Photos

Family trip to Frederick, MD today, where we wandered around the Riverwalk. Reminded me of Providece, but miniaturized. 

The water is shallow. It’s a water garden, Koi pond, and duck haven. Some cute ducks made a nest in one of the plants.

Other ducks liked sleeping under the bridge.