Sky study

This morning my younger daughter and I spent some time painting together. She’s into doing color studies like Turner (she said so!). I thought of doing a sky study while she was working. This is what I came up with to try working exclusively with a 3/4 inch flat (an old grumbacher sabeline my dad gave me). I am getting ready for another trip to Lakeville, MA to visit my aunt and hopefully paint a lot. The skies are really beautiful there. Painting opportunities have been few and far between recently (for good reasons). I need some warmup time before I go. This is from a photo I took while sailing in Annapolis.



One thought on “Sky study

  1. Alisa Belzil July 21, 2014 / 10:51 am

    Lovely colors! Have fun on your trip- and in finding new inspiration. 🙂

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