Sky study

Interesting sky from the other night. Not exactly a realist depiction, but I was attracted to the warm clouds against a muted blue sky and wanted to see how to get the feeling down on paper after the fact. Prussian blue, nickel azo yellow, brown madder, and burnt sienna. 3×5 Pentalic watercolor sketchbook. 


Two sky studies

On Saturday we went sailing. As we got out in the bay, a brief storm came up over Annapolis. We stayed far enough out that we didn’t get rained on, but it afforded us some incredible views of the sky. I didn’t paint them at the time but got a lot of good pictures to make some studies of. I tried also to take a lot of photos to study the way light and color work on the water, and how different size waves take on light. I plan to work up some studies of these as well. There are so many different approaches to capturing these effects, from the brush-strokes and opaque colors of John Singer Sargent, to the photorealistic approach. Each has its merits. I want to explore each, and will likely do so with the same scene sometime soon.

For now here are some quick sky studies before I work these up into larger paintings. It was a rich outing this weekend. I can’t wait to get painting.

These are of the same scene, just with different quick techniques.
In both I tried using white crayon as a resist. In the first I didn’t press hard enough, so came back in with a white gel pen and white watercolor pencil. In the second the resist worked better. I also drew out some highlights with the gel pen. In both what I was going for was a rapid way to get an impression. I think I rushed my actions in the effort to finish quickly. I need to be calm about it. The first one felt like a screw up when I did it but now I think I like it more. I learned a lot from these.