Some sketches

Over the weekend I took the kids to a nearby farm. They wanted to go all day but kept getting distracted playing together and riding bikes on one of the few days warm enough to play outside. By the time we finally got there the kids were asleep so I turned around and got some clothes to drop off for donation, then went back to the farm after that. I tried to wake them again but it didn’t work so I sat in the parking lot and did a brief sketch. When we got home the kids woke up and asked to go to the farm. I told them we went and I tried to wake them. They didn’t believe me until I showed them this drawing. That settled things


Today I spent a little time during lunch sketching, which is still a little awkward for me at work. Here is one from today.


I was also looking through one of my sketchbooks I don’t use often and found this sketch from a year ago. I like this one a lot. I remember I wore down a new micron pen all the way drawing this.


Thanks for reading. Another California painting coming soon.


Sketches from Lakeville, MA

We just spent a wonderful week visiting my Aunt and cousins up in Lakeville, MA at their family cottage on Assawomset Pond (famous for its role in starting King Philip’s War) and at my Aunt’s homestead, which they just moved into last year. She already has a great vegetable garden going, and a promising beehive, not to mention a wood shop in the barn for my uncle. It’s a dream house and a dream life, and we were fortunate to get to live it for the week.

While there I got in a lot of sketching. Some highlights are below, and more are on my Flikr page here.