Birthday portrait

I finished the portrait of my daughter I started a few weeks ago as a birthday gift for my mom. She had taken a photo a long time ago and asked for a painting, and this is it. Happy birthday mom!

This is the first proper human portrait I have tried, and I think it came out pretty well. It’s 22×30 and I painted it with a #6 Princetone Neptune quill and a #12 sable round  
I am sure there is a lot I could correct if I fuss with it more, but I think I will leave it here and take the lessons for the next one. 


Some more turkey

I started laying in the first washes. I’ve decided to go with opaque white on the feathers, so I am really just giving myself some directional guides with these shadow colors on the chest. I want this turkey’s fancy coat and collar to pop out, so some impasto wi be pretty cool for that. I probably won’t return to this one tonight, so I am posting my progress now. With a lot of time off coming up, I will be working on a few paintings simultaneously for a while.

Thanks for reading.

Tough Turkey

Earlier this fall I took this photo of a ridiculously proud turkey. I think it deserves a giant watercolor portrait. For now, I’ve started an 8×10 sketch to figure out my approach. Will I try to be delicate and transparent, or should I be more aggressive about it and layer on opaque white later? Not sure yet, but I am leaning towards the latter.