Marina sketch

All sorts of things going wrong here, not the least of which is it was probably too complicated a scene for the mini moleskine to handle. Then again, this my first time trying to get a bunch of boats like this. I need to study Sargent some more on this subject. Having a larger sheet would help too. He manages to make a jumble come alive. I think I will try this one again, or something like it, on a larger sheet of Arches. There seems to be some potential here if I can sort out a few things.

Thanks for reading.



Snow Day

We had a pretty good sized snow storm in the DC area today, so I worked from home. I have a nice view out the back window upstairs where I set up. It wasn’t one of those pretty snow days with lush pines coated in snow and cobalt blue shadows that make you want to stare out the window instead of working. Instead it was a purplish grey hazy snow day that turned out to be very busy on the work front. Still, I managed to fit in a quick watercolor sketch in my Moleskine sketchbook to clear my head for a minute. That smooth waxy paper turned out to be just right for the day.