Kidwell Farm Shadows

There’s a fair amount going on in the shadows in the painting, and I am only just getting into to it. It was good to lay in some shadow washes and start to build out of of the structure and distance. I have kept with a limited palette of Cobalt Blue, Nickel Azo Yellow, Quinacridone Pyrrolidine Red (sennelier permanent alizarin crimson deep) and Viridian. It’s a nice quartet to work with. I have been using the crimson as a base for all my earth tones now. It’s a versatile pigment. Still tinkering with my overall palette choices.

In painting this I am wishing there were more opportunities for some more expressive brush strokes. I might need to start another one to balance things out.

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Further progress on Kidwell Farm #2


It has been a really busy week for me at the office and with some extra-curriculars related to work, so I haven’t had as much opportunity to paint. This morning I pushed this Kidwell Farm painting a little more, putting in some shadows on the chicken coop and some weathering on the white building. It’s starting to reveal itself more. Still looking forward to the big shadow cast across the white building,but that will have to wait until next time.

Starting a second Kidwell Farm painting with a new brush

My least favorite part of painting is framing the composition. Unfortunately, these Kidwell Farm paintings are all about structure, shapes and angles, so I have to get things believable–not right, necessarily–but at least believable. Here is the drawing and some first washes for the one I started tonight. There’s an incredible shadow cast from right to left that I am looking forward to putting in and some interesting effects of lights within the shadow.


On Friday I got a new brush that I am very excited about and used for the first time tonight–an Escoda Optimo kolinsky sable #12 (shown above). I have wanted a large sable brush for a while. When I finally convinced myself to buy one, all the stores were out due to some regulatory issue regarding importing the hair. Fortunately this one came in somehow. I am looking forward to testing it out more. So far so good on the above. I’d recommend it, and as far as Kolinsky sable goes, it’s a great deal. Escoda makes beautiful brushes, and I can’t imagine how anything else could be materially better. I was comfortable with this one right away. It’s likely to become my primary brush for non-sketchbook works. Of course this painting isn’t going to be the best test case. I will have to do something more lively and brush-stroke driven for the next one.

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