Finishing off design district sunset

I didn’t have much left to go on this one, just putting in the branches and darkening things a bit. I will leave this as is for now. Perhaps I can do a bit more in the upper right to darken that and focus things further but I want to post it now as is.

My verdict so far on the Fluid paper is that it’s too smooth and after a while I feel as if I am wiping paint off as much as I am putting more on as I glaze. I should have handled this more directly anyway. The sky was quick and most compelling. I just wasn’t sure exactly how to get the fence and tree dark enough with enough variation without glazing. After awhile of it I got impatient and just tried to get it darker and darker since it was most interesting as a framing device.

That’s all for now. I have some new experiments to undertake shortly. Here it is.


Design District Sunset

I spent the morning laying in washes and the sky for this sunset picture over Annapolis’ Design District. Like I said in my last post, I like the arrangement of shapes and angles that are broken up by the pines on the left and the light against the clouds. Here’s where I am so far.


More to go darkening the trunks with some alternating glazes of green and maroon like the structure on the right. The fence will go darker as well and I have some details to put on the warehouse. I like where this is going.

The Fluid paper is good for a budget alternative to Arches. A little too smooth, so you can’t get as many effects out of the paper, but the paint goes a long way and it holds up well. I think I will keep using it for sketches. It comes in lots of sizes, so I am sure I will take advantage of that with a little pochade box I am making (not much to it really). More to come on that later

Thanks for reading.