All but the Beekeeper (and some finishing details)

This painting is coming together now. Last night I scumbled the ground and built out a lot of the rest, giving it more life. I’ve enjoyed using Prussian blue a lot in this one–something I didn’t feature in the last few, but a pigment I love for its hue and versatility. The trailer is mostly diluted Prussian blue with some lights cobalt for texture, and the barrel is also Prussian and cobalt. I have also gotten to use my new Sennelier Yellow Lake and Permanent Alizarin Crimson. It’s been nice getting to know these pigments, and I am looking forward to using them a lot more.

Last up is my uncle the beekeeper. I am a little nervous about painting the bee suit. Not yet sure how to handle all the wrinkles. I will probably mask the highlights and have a few saturated swipes of color to add life to the shadows. This on has been fun so far. Don’t want to ruin it.