Antique shop along the Potomac

Just finished this one–an antique shop along the Potomac near the bridge at Point of Rocks. Mostly Daniel Smith Van Dyck Brown and Prussian blue with some warmth from Transparent Pyrrole Orange and yellow ochre.


Hazy Potomac River work in progress

The other day I got out for a lunchtime hike along the Potomac. It was a bit eerie being the only out with a hazy river. I liked the warm colors in the distance and the very cold appearance of the foreground. Still a lot more to go on the the web of trees and branches and the rocks on the ground. This one is all ultramarine blue, burnt umber, and yellow ochre.

Delaware sunset

I found this composition sketched out in my book from over the summer, so thought I’d finish it off. My reference photo had a giant utility pole in it. I resisted the temptation, and left it out of this. This one was done with Prussian blue, nickel azo yellow, and transparent pyrrol orange. Prussian blue and transparent pyrrol orange are good complements of equal strength, so mix a rich black that can be easily tinted. The Daniel Smith version of the orange is really more like a vermilion or cadmium scarlet, but without the opacity. I am finding it to be a useful color.