Some more toned paper sketching

Same tree as earlier but the light changed so there were some shadows across it. This one is on Fabriano Tiziano blue paper, which is quickly becoming my favorite toned paper. Blackwing Pencil and some titanium white watercolor. 

I have a nice little sketching set up with different colored and types of paper clipped in 6×9 collection with a cardboard back and a 5×7 mat. On the back I can tear smaller sheets and clip them with my small watercolor kit. In this case the tiny travel brush shown is perfect to get little white highlights. 


One thought on “Some more toned paper sketching

  1. David M Tripp January 1, 2017 / 1:30 pm

    Corey, this is really exciting! I wanted to get back into tree sketching during this Christmas break but alas, my time was cut in half by a visit home to St. Louis and then a large watercolor I began weeks ago. Now I have to return to work tomorrow. Oh well, I’m excited to see what you are accomplishing as you continue to make art in transit. I’m fascinated with your various papers and tools you’ve assembled, and salute you as you continue on this part of your odyssey. I hope the new year is spectacular for you and your family.

    Are you still writing? I know you produced serious novels in your past and wondered if writing still has a place in your busy life or if you are devoted exclusively to the visual arts when not on the job?

    I’ve made the decision to retire at the end of this school year. I hope then that I can find out what I really wish to be when I grow up.

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