Trying for some Renoir lighting

We like to go on family hikes on the weekends. I take a lot of pictures, but not many seem to materialize into paintable subjects–or, put another way, subjects I can’t figure out for painting or am not willing to put in the effort for. I was looking at some Renoir landscapes during a bout of insomnia this morning and was inspired by the warm lighting in many of his landscapes. I remembered a photo from a couple months ago that had such lighting and thought I’d give it a try.I could try to copy a Renoir–and maybe I will–but it seemed like a good idea to try to get the effect on a scene of my own.

I will let this one develop slowly. I have been doing a lot of quick works recently followed by long periods of not painting. It feels good to get into studying something pretty concrete for a while.


One thought on “Trying for some Renoir lighting

  1. laber1 November 1, 2015 / 7:51 pm

    I will be watching…

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