Starting another turkey, some thoughts on paints

After a short break, I got back to painting yesterday with a new turkey. I am also trying out a few new paints: W&N Permanent Alizarin Crimson (PR 206), Sennelier Red (PR254), and Sennelier Yellow Sophie (PY93). I like the Sennelier paints a lot for their vibrancy, consistency, how easily they activate, and for the 21ml tubes, which are a great value. They won’t make up my whole palette–they don’t have some of my preferred pigments–but I have found myself checking their list first when searching for paints unless there’s a special color I need, such as W&N cerulean blue, which seems to be everyone’s favorite cerulean.

I am looking forward to working more on this turkey. There are some really fascinating oddities on the beak and forehead, with some nice lighting or the face and under the chin.

Thanks for reading