Link: The Atlantic City Makers Summit

On Tuesday morning a friend and I had the pleasure of being in the audience for the City Makers Summit put on by The Atlantic. The focus was workforce development strategies in American cities, but that was really just the anchor for broader discussions on where and how we live and work, and what challenges and opportunities we face. It’s too much to summarize quickly here, and I am still thinking through the incredibly rich (but also intelligently accessible) program–in the three hours of the event I felt like I got the equivalent of an entire college course.

If you’re interested in you can see video of the event here.The show is broken down into segments, so you don’t need three free hours in a row. The opening interview with the mayor of Atlanta is especially good. And in the final segment, the President of UMBC has some great insights into STEM and the continuing value of the humanities. I got so much out of the event, I hope some of you find it interesting as well.