Tough Turkey

Earlier this fall I took this photo of a ridiculously proud turkey. I think it deserves a giant watercolor portrait. For now, I’ve started an 8×10 sketch to figure out my approach. Will I try to be delicate and transparent, or should I be more aggressive about it and layer on opaque white later? Not sure yet, but I am leaning towards the latter.



2 thoughts on “Tough Turkey

  1. davidtripp December 12, 2014 / 11:24 pm

    Wow. You’ve nailed that sepia toned background! What colors did you use? I love it. Wish I were painting but I’m out of town on business. Proud of your start.

    • coreyaber December 13, 2014 / 8:41 am

      Thanks! I tried something similar to what you did on your still life. I started with nickel azo yellow (sennelier yellow lake, same as transparent yellow) then mixed quin magenta and Prussian blue to make a deep purple. Then a layer of viridian, then perylene maroon. Finally I layered on a really dark mix of Prussian blue and perylene maroon around the corners of the background, and also dropped in a little cobalt blue and more nickel azo yellow. I also varied the direction of the brush strokes and strength of the glazes, so none of the layers are evenly applied, giving some variety in the background that would also have all the colors I planned to use on the turkey. Hope you’re having a good trip and can fit a sketch in somehow

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