Trying out a new sketchbook

I am trying out a new sketchbook (Strathmore mixed media with the brown cover). This is my first real attempt at a sketch in it. There was an interesting cerulean tint coming though so I tried to capture that. The light on the Corbu love seat in the background was the more interesting thing. So far so good. With any of my sketches, I have to remind myself to stay patient and don’t get too ambitious and try to make a full painting. Painting in any sketchbook is very different. I think a little pen is important so the painting has structure (something important for me because I’ve been getting away from structured paintings, which is fine, but then I lose practice in drawing). It’s hard to build up too many washes and have the paint take care of everything. Anyway, if I want to do a proper painting, I should use proper watercolor paper. I need to remind myself of that. This simple sketch turned out okay, and I like the sketchbook so far. The paper is a little better than the Stillman and Birn Alpha, I think.

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2 thoughts on “Trying out a new sketchbook

  1. Phyllis November 15, 2014 / 4:53 pm

    Nice, Corey. ARe you planning to sketch Audrey in her Nutcracker outfit? That should be a real challenge!

  2. lesliepaints November 21, 2014 / 12:58 pm

    I like that touch of blue you chose to add, Corey

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