New Studio, New Painting, New Influence

I’m moved in to my new house now, and I’ve got a nice studio set up in what ordinarily be the “formal living room” just off the foyer. It has wonderful light coming in throughout the day. Thanks to my dad, I now have one of his drafting tables and a studio light. I’m most excited about these two things with a real connection. I love the paint stains, the battered lamp. I remember using this table when I was a kid and he was at his big table.

I’ve started my first painting in the new studio. After seeing the Jamie Wyeth exhibit in Boston this summer, I decided to try a few works with yellow light tinted color schemes. He was really an amazing painter. I might prefer his work to his father’s, if only because he seems to have more range. His paintings of gulls are so potent. I’m not up to that challenge yet, so for this one I’m confining myself to a scene of an old barn by Betty’s Neck in Lakeville.



One thought on “New Studio, New Painting, New Influence

  1. September 13, 2014 / 11:36 am

    Charming…the connection to your dad and the further connection to Leslie’s farm in Lakeville. I bet you'[ll do a wonderful painting of your enchanting new house. Loved it! Bama

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