Links on Turner, Updates to Compact Kit

In my recent researches into Turner I came across this three part video series on YouTube. It’s a partnership of the Tate and watercolor painter Mike Chaplin in which he takes a brief look at a few Turner works then goes into the field to give it a go himself. The first is on Line, the second on Tone, and the third on Color. They aren’t exactly educational, more inspirational I think. Really a nice example of how much can be done in a 5 minute clip.

In the second video on Tone he showcases a pretty neat compact watercolor kit with a clip on cup an integrated water bottle. I found it here. Of course I want it–who wouldn’t, especially after seeing it in action (silly I know). Not wanting to drop more money on something I really don’t need, I made a little clip-on water cup of my own out of an Altoids Smalls container which latches onto my compact box. No integrated flask, and my box only holds 8 colors, but it’s a nice budget option for sure:

20140319-211437.jpgBest of all it all fits in a pencil pouch with a couple brushes. Just need to keep a small water bottle with me for quick studies on the go. If only I had time for them during the day.


2 thoughts on “Links on Turner, Updates to Compact Kit

  1. Linda navroth April 10, 2014 / 3:19 pm

    Like your blog–and your watercolours! These little mini tins are such a great item to carry. And thanks for those three links to the Tate videos–outstanding! Have you checked out the Tate’s collection of Turner’s sketchbooks? It’s amazing. I have learned a lot from looking at and studying them.

    • coreyaber April 12, 2014 / 9:01 am

      Thank you for finding my blog. Very glad you’re enjoying it. I have found the Tate collections of sketchbooks online. I hope someday to see his works in person as well.

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