Slippers and Fizzy Water

Here’s a watercolor only sketch I did tonight. I wanted to try painting without guidelines and correcting as I go.

I changed the paints in my compact kit. Across the top I have Sennelier Yellow Light, Maimeri primary red magenta, Daniel Smith cobalt blue, and Maimeri Cupric Green deep (aka Pthalo green). Across the bottom I have Sennelier Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Sennelier Paynes Grey, Maimeri Ultramarine and Maimeri Burnt Umber. I dulled it down from my prior arrangement to better fit the Tysons area and so I could stay more neutral with a few accents. This palette gives me a pretty good range. I will replace the Pthalo green with Viridian when it runs out so I don’t pollute the water so much on the go.


Cows–full painting


I started this one last week but didn’t get far enough to post it. In the middle I decided once again to drop two colors from my palette–raw sienna and burnt sienna. Too muted, at least the Maimeri. I will try relying more on my permanent alizarin crimson and azo yellow which I can adjust as needed.

Not so sure how I feel about this one. I need to think about it more. Unrelated to this I need to spend some time practicing drawing people. I want to incorporate more people into my paintings, and people aren’t as easy to fake as elephant seals and cows.

Thanks for reading.