Struggling with a Bic pen and thinking about short stories

Some people are masters or the Bic pen, and seem to have a natural connection to it. I do not, so I generally skip it in favor of my fountain pen. I tried again for a bit today at lunch, but I just couldn’t draw straight lines, and couldn’t get things to line up. Who knew such a simple tool could feel so awkward. It should be great because it can do lights and darks like a pencil, but with those nice light swooping strokes that don’t smudge. I’ll have to work with it some more. Here’s what I came up with today:

That little sketch was my warm up while thinking about writing some fiction again. I haven’t really written much in almost five years, so getting back into it has been a little rough. Glimmer Train has a contest this month, so I thought I’d make that a motivator. I just can’t get hooked on a plot idea yet. I was thinking about cicadas again today, and how they didn’t really emerge as expected this year. That’s starting to seem like a nice backdrop to something, but what? Then again, I have already written one story and one novel that feature cicadas heavily, so I am wary of retreading the same ground. More to come on this. I will try to post my progress over the course of the month.

Thanks for reading.