The beginning of a new painting

Some busy weeks recently–too many hobbies and some interesting stuff at work that has kept my mind occupied–have split my focus, so I am scaling back. I am dropping the story pursuit in favor of painting again. I framed this new work of my uncle at the bee hive the other night and am just getting around to putting it up. Hopefully I will get to painting it soon. Beekeeping is such a fascinating, mystique-filled pursuit that is nicely offset by the arrangement here of the hive in the woods by an old trailer. Rather than demystifying it, though, the trailer adds to the story. I am excited about this one also in part because there’s a human focus here that I will be able to build on for future works. Thanks for reading. More soon.



2 thoughts on “The beginning of a new painting

  1. davidtripp September 19, 2013 / 9:08 pm

    Thanks for putting this up, Corey. I love the sketch and composition. I know the split-focus effect, what Emerson calls “scattering your force.” I’ve been neck-deep in it since the new school term began (a new course) and with it, a new college contract as well. I find it difficult enough to get quality sleep. Plus, the art festival season is approaching, and I’ll have weekends tied up at shows. But I’ll find my way back, just as you have already found yours. Thanks always for your inspiration.

    • coreyaber September 19, 2013 / 10:50 pm

      Thanks for the Emerson reference. I need to read more of him. I like Thoreau quite a bit, but haven’t recently been in the right frame of mind for Emerson. Thanks to your blog, I have recently begun with Proust. It’s been interesting to note how in reading, I superimpose houses I have stayed in and bits of my own experiences on his early passages. I don’t generally do that, which really speaks to his ability and the power of his work. Brilliant stuff. I have another thought on this related to your work which I will drop on your blog. As for quality sleep, I have been hoping for that too, and the cover of my copy of Swann’s Way taunts me with a picture of a very inviting pillow.

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