Morning Sketch

I got in a quick sketch on my bike ride this morning in Vienna, VA. It was a beautiful day with an incredible sky–almost artificially blue and luminescent. I wish I had done some sketches that included the sky. Instead I keyed in on this public building in the park. It was hard to judge the colors sitting in the shade, and I felt a but rushed. It was a little weird stopping to paint in my cycling attire. I’m sure I’ll get over that by next time.

This was an especially welcome break today, as I have been trying to get into the story I posted about last time, and it isn’t quite working. I think I made a little headway this morning before my ride, but I am not to the point where it’s fun yet. Maybe this week.

Thanks for reading.

Today’s sketch with my small sketching kit.


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  1. dopestyler September 17, 2013 / 9:27 am

    I love it!

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