Struggling with a Bic pen and thinking about short stories

Some people are masters or the Bic pen, and seem to have a natural connection to it. I do not, so I generally skip it in favor of my fountain pen. I tried again for a bit today at lunch, but I just couldn’t draw straight lines, and couldn’t get things to line up. Who knew such a simple tool could feel so awkward. It should be great because it can do lights and darks like a pencil, but with those nice light swooping strokes that don’t smudge. I’ll have to work with it some more. Here’s what I came up with today:

That little sketch was my warm up while thinking about writing some fiction again. I haven’t really written much in almost five years, so getting back into it has been a little rough. Glimmer Train has a contest this month, so I thought I’d make that a motivator. I just can’t get hooked on a plot idea yet. I was thinking about cicadas again today, and how they didn’t really emerge as expected this year. That’s starting to seem like a nice backdrop to something, but what? Then again, I have already written one story and one novel that feature cicadas heavily, so I am wary of retreading the same ground. More to come on this. I will try to post my progress over the course of the month.

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One thought on “Struggling with a Bic pen and thinking about short stories

  1. laber1 September 6, 2013 / 2:10 am

    Can’t wait to see what you decide to write about, and will you also be deciding what to write with? I’ve using the notebook you gave me as inspiration to write, but hesitate to put “sketches” in the book. It seems too nice for anything less than finished . Perhaps that’s an old “first day of school, new notebook” carryover.

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