Can a Chop Saw Be Cute?


If it’s drawn this small it can be.


We have done a lot of building projects over the years, and this cheap no-frills chop saw has been involved in pretty much every one. It has even been in high demand by friends and family. My wife is in the midst of a project now, so I sketched the saw today while the kids were playing (inside, not outside near the saw). Not a top of the line chop saw by any means, but it cuts wood, and I have a fondness for it.

As an aside, my 4 year old daughter recently told me that we should build a toy train that we can ride on. She meant it o be a one day project. She said, “We can get the saws out–but don’t worry, you can cut the wood, I will just watch–and the hammers, and build it right up, and then we can put a rope on the front so you can pull it and all our friends can ride it.” She’s learning early that she can build anything, just like her mom. She even told me one day we can make an iPad and put a story inside it.

The sketch above was done with a Lamy Safari medium nib and Noodler’s bulletproof black ink on a Stillman & Birn Alpha series book. It’s been nice drawing with the Safari to paint over. Much better than with felt tip pens. I am glad I finally ordered the bulletproof ink.

Thanks for reading.