Day Three of the White House Painting

Tonight I tried to move this painting forward, get some more foliage background in, and start putting in the big tree and some shadows and roof washes. I also wanted to put in a few of the darkest spots as a test to establish the darkest values in contrast with the white of the house. It’s been good to see some depth entering the painting.

Unfortunately, something went wrong with the tree on the right. I tried to scrape out the trunks and branches, and instead of light as I expected, all the scraped lines turned dark. I have tried this before and it never seems to work out for me. I am not sure how to fix this. Maybe I will have to turn it into a different kind of tree. I also tried to salt more of the trees, but the salt didn’t take everywhere I wanted it to.

I will leave it for now so I don’t overdo it. I have a few decisions to make, and it’s too late at night to make them now.

Thanks for reading.